Person-centred planning

This page says how I can help you to make a plan for your support and your life.

Wendy about to enter a taxiIf you don’t have a plan, things just happen to you. For people with learning disabilities, that usually means  other people make the decisions – where you live, where you go during the day, who supports you.

A person-centred plan tells other people about you and what you want and need. It helps you get the life you want.

I can help you:

  • to know your dream – the thing you’d like to do most if there was nothing to stop  you
  • work out how you can get closer to that dream
  • figure out what’s important to you. This could be moving to your own home, getting a job or making new friends. It will be different for each person
  • put down the good things about you – your gifts, skills and qualities
  • work out how people can support you in a person-centred way
  • by using different person-centred planning tools – like Essential Lifestyle Planning and Path.

Contact me to talk about how I can help.